Color Red Green Blue Hex
Yellow 255 255 204 #FFFFCC
Green 204 255 204 #CCFFCC
Grey 214 220 228 #D6DCEF
Red 255 124 128 #FF7C80
Orange 255 153 0 #FF9900
Purple 251 5 239 #FB05EF
Blue 200 246 252 #C8F6FC
Violet 139 48 208 #8B30D0

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Documents\__WIP\20-21 CBC Expenditures Report Status


/CBC-ME/FTP Admin/FTP_File_Maintenance/FailedCopies_2021-01-21

P:\CBC-ME\CM-Financial\CBC 20-21\db\CARS\Copy of CARS-UL-2020-11-24_PvtTbl_Final



Allocation of Budget from Control for GAP and Level Foster Home Payments

FTP User Instruction info is under P:\CBC-ME\FTP Admin

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CARS upload=> Excel: How to fix number stored as text, highlight range to be converted, go to data, text to columns, click finish!
If all else fails, on the Home tab, in the Alignment group, click on "wrap text".



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ME Provider Detail Exp Rpt
MM/DD/YYYY CFI Contract Contract Title Exp Rpt OCA# SAMHIS OCA# Provider Name Provider Subcontract# SPROVID Covered Service of Project ID Pmt Method Pmt Type Pmt Rate YTD Units Payable Total YTD AMT Payable OCA & Title
07/05/2021 AB123 DS123 AB000 DS123 CBC NFL SUB23 TW409 Services Check XY 409 $500 Field $500 56GRS
Expenditure Detail History Record Format
MGDT TR CFI Trns Amt CNTRT L1L5 EO FID CAT OCA OBJ Vendor ID Vend Short Name Invoice No. PDN SWDN
07/05/2020 51 200,000 GJL58 60340000546 X2 000326 108304 DCMPR 780000 F010631375004 CBC SEP2020 V0000370002 H000000312
Data Base Format
SFY CAT Contract IBI BE SPGM Activity OCA GF SF FID Fund Source EO Key EO Authority Amount
2021 108034 AJ495 00 60950310 60340000546 00000 DCM00 10 1 000326 Fund Source EO Key AA EG301 100,000
CARS Upload Record Format
Contract Total RE_NR L1 GF SF FUND BE IBI CAT YR Eff_Date EO OCA Obj_code CARS_OCI
AJ123 343,933 NR 60 10 1 000326 60910310 00 103034 00 07/01/2020 AA MP000 139900 1

CARS upload=> Excel: How to fix number stored as text, highlight range to be converted, go to data, text to columns, click finish!
If all else fails, on the Home tab, in the Alignment group, click on "wrap text".

CBC Contracts Invoice Template on DCF website under fiscal attachments off of the documents incorporated by reference page at: CBC Invoice Template

ME Contracts Invoice Template 10 on DCF website: ME Invoice Template 10

Access link to Excel: Access Table Link to data in Excel

SQL function name purpose
COUNT() count the number of rows
SUM() the sum of the values in a column
MAX()/MIN() the largest/smallest value
AVG() the average of the values in a column
ROUND() round the values in the column
GROUP BY() is a clause used with aggregate functions to combine data from one or more columns
HAVING() limit the results of a query based on an aggregate property
JOIN will combine rows from differenct tables if the join condtion is true
LEFT JOIN will return every row in the left table, and if the join condition is not met, NULL values are used to fill in the columns from the right table.
NULL values are used to fill in the columns from the right table.
Primary key is a column that serves as a unique identifier for the rows in the table.
Foreign key is a column that contains the primary ket to another table.
CROSS JOIN lets us combine all rows of one table with all rows of another table.
UNION stacks one dataset on top of another.
WITH allows us to define one or more temporary tables that can be used in the final query.

Transaction Record (source budget ledger)

Field Data Type Default tbl_currentBaseCBC tbl_currentBaseME
ID AutoNumberAuto SFY SFY
Contract Short Text<>"00000" CATEGORY CATEGORY
Appropriation SumZero Decimal IBI IBI
L1:Default 60 SPGM SPGM
GF:GAFFR_FUND Activity Activity
IBI:Default"00" EO_key EO_key
Eff_Date:"07/01/2018" Short TextAppropriationAppropriation Appropriation
SPGMShort Text Auto
OCAShort Text Auto
FG_SF_FIDShort Text Auto
FUND_SOURCEShort Text Auto
EO_keyShort Text Auto
Issue1Short Text Auto

Documents\Transition and Corornavirus Child Welfare Funding Summary

Reference Guide for State Expenditures Reference Guide for State Expenditures

DCF SAMH Fiscal Year 18-19 Catalog of Care 18-19 Catalog of Care

User Acceptance Testing CBC Application UAT

A Comprehensive, Multi-Year Review of the Revenues, Expenditures, and Financial Position of all Community-Based Care Lead Agencies with System of Care Analysis OPPAGA Report

FL Center for Child Welfare - Risk Pool History